by Dearest

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This is the set from our farewell show. It contains a lot of unrecorded, unpublished songs. As we won't do another record, this is Dearest's legacy.
It's not perfect. We had problems with the microphone cable at the beginning and we played some shit, too. But it doesn't have to be perfect, it's "Life".
Feel free to purchase whatever you want to, nothing is fine, too.
Dearest was a great experience for us. Thank you for giving it some attention.

"Weather Talks", "Journey", "My hands are a little dirty", "Sweet Indifference" & "Timer" were written by Dearest feat. Matthias Kremsreiter
"It's about time", "Scared" were written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller

"Sweet Indifference" written by Pascal
"Weather Talks", "Journey", "My hands are a little dirty", "Timer", It's about time", "Scared" written by Chris

Recorded and mixed live by Christian Kasperbauer.
Mixed and edited by Chris

Bonus Tracks:

As we mentioned before, we won't have the chance to record all our songs that haven't been recorded yet. So as these are the only recordings we have from our earlier unpublished songs - taken from different video files - we still want to upload and share it with you.

"Absolution" written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller
lyrics written by Chris
performed in Strasbourg, France
filmed by Channel Zero

"Twelve" written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller
lyrics written by Pascal
performed in Strasbourg, France
filmed by Marteen (The Homeless)

"Promise" written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller
lyrics written by Chris
performed in Hamme, Belgium
filmed by Arne Desmedt (Cardinals Media)

"Forever ending stories" written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller
writing finished with Matthias Kremsreiter
lyrics written by Chris
played in our rehearsal room
filmed by ourselves

Exclusive Track: "Years passed by"
written by Dearest feat. Florian Schaller
lyrics written by Chris
recorded by Christian Kasperbauer
mixed and edited by Chris
"Years passed by" has been one of our very first songs. It was part of our setlist for quite a long time. The song was planned to be part of our debut "Discovery". Christian Kasperbauer, who recorded this track (as well as our whole debut EP) sent the tracks to me and i mixed and edited it new. I am very glad, that this lost song is now finally done. "Years pass by" is exlusively available on our last release. - Chris


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Dearest Würzburg, Germany

Dearest became a part of us. It's maybe over but never dead!

Dearest were:
Vocals: Chris
Gitarre: Marius
Gitarre: Florian (until 09/2014)
Gitarre: Matt
(from 10/2014)
Bass: Fabian
Drums: Pascal
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Track Name: Weather Talks (live)
no raindrops, just rain
not a melancholic warmth with tea in your hand on sick days, just pain
no light at the end of the tunnel, just darkness I'm running in
no hope at the end of the day, you fall asleep with the same trouble hunting you, since you're awake

no sunny intervalls just clouds covering the sky
and no lightning comes with thunder just the rumble of a dark night
all those pessimism seems so cliche and better forecasts can't help me
I try not to wait for the tide but I didn't see the open sea for a while
no rainbow to come undone
still moving on with the thunder away from the sun
so how to deal with adicts when darkness is your habit
how could you see the light when you damned it

I can't tell you about the mist I can't see through
but I would like you to ask me about it though
I can't tell you what will be after the storm
but I would like you to tell me where I hide from

I can't tell you about the mist I can't see through
but I would like you to ask me though
I can't tell you about the sunshine lighting the dark
but I would like you to tell me where I fell apart
Track Name: Journey (live)
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we don't run from here we'll die here
if we run from here we'll die anywhere

distance, run, arrival, done, look back, regret
how far is too far, how far is enough
flash back, nothing is left

standing still, distance is relative
the circle of life surounds all our lies

if we close our eyes away from here, there's still the same eroding fear
if we just close our eyes, the world won't dissappear
Track Name: "My hands are a little dirty" (live)
white soul, black hole, there's no failing in my dreams
when I sleep, when I dream, everything seems peacefully
I wake up my hands are numb my arms are weak my mind is bleached
these rain drops days upon me and no shelter there to reach
I'm never going to see the blue ocean like it used to be
with every mile that I walk I at least don't need to admit
I'm walking way too far because I already did
and I'm going on with the waste, through the dirt and the days
the taste of dust in the lungs
and I know I will never breath like when I was young

turn back time, I want to hide, I want to be where life can't find me
I need to clean this soul, if there is something like this
I was so inncocent, I ain't no saint

turn back clocks and tell this kid, if you leave now you can never come back
turn back clocks and tell this kid, if you leave now you can never come home

I'm in this glasshouse of sorrows and blackouts
i threw a stone but there's no wall
I cut my skin off to death but the numbness was in my flesh
I was supposed to be free
but I built a house, a house with no doors to leave
I got this black soul and the past but even if it's relative I can't turn back - time

someday I'll stop to stray and I'll say to myself
I'm just human, it's okay
so your hands are a little dirty – but so are mine
Track Name: It's about time (live)
unburdened, reckless life means to fail
an empty page another chance
the one will grow that does and makes
humans will always give and take
and who could be a ghost this time
as long as you live you'll laugh and cry
a broken heart that can be healed
everything in you is about to feel
happyness only real when shared
so don't hide yourself inside your bed
if you don't touch you cannot break
you cannot speak if you don't say
and what I learned in time so far
is that I am and that you are

so take a breath and your lungs get filled
life's waiting my friend you are already late
Track Name: Sweet Indifference (live)
with shivering knees I am staying on roseman's bridge
knocked down by the enhanting smell of sweet indifference
I can feel the blood is running out of my nose
a metallic taste of iron passion covers my lips
as a symbol of joy and satisfaction it permits me to suspire
in a sea of self doubts I've found self awareness
in the safety of uncertainty I am trapped in hope
in the brightest darkness I've learned to understand the matter

look the bloody clock has lost its hands
let us watch it burn

can you feel how our lungs get filled with smoke
it get purged from an unrealized desire
deadlock couldn't occure to a better time
what scared me once currently I need the most
hoping that time won't find us too quickly
hoping that we can stay on that roseman's bridge for a little while longer
Track Name: Timer (live)
I'm waiting for the storm to clean up everything I could not built
I could have been so much more but could have are just other words for not happened
will I ever start something I can really finish
someday I will rise up from my mess but what happens with that
and so my day starts a little later than yours and i hope it will before it's eve
sometimes times are hard and there will come times you've got to look back
and you have to make sure you learned out of your mistakes, not regrets

I got to change my way of thinking, stop hiding, stop leaving, stop running, stop complaining, stop cheating and start being
so I stop wearing this mask of acting like anyone else in this world
the day I ran from my mistakes I even lost myself

this is the reunion of a boy that parted ways with himself
Track Name: Scared feat. Florian Schaller (live)
the world scares me lying here at night
thinking about a possible bomb that destructs all life
and I'm feeling that heat in my body
the fear of non-existence
of disappearence
and no one can remember when no one is left

I'm trying to be strong
all is breakable at the moment

there is love, there is life, there is beauty out there
but the evanesence of all, makes daydreams to nightmares
and I wish this world will exist in hundreds of years
or some afterlife is there, I don't want to disappear
without any kind of memory, I want something to count on
I want something to remember me or what i did
when there is not even a heartbeat left
so shall I forget that
shall I forget
Track Name: Bonus Track: Absolution (live in Strasbourg)
since when do thoughts got a weight
since when does emptyness need so much space
since when does summer feel so cold
it was never our song that I've sung

everyone's got post-tour depression, now I don't feel so alone
I'd like to upend the world, throwing water into stones

the leaves shed their tree
from down below the sky is too big
another step another grave
I don't see sun so how to see space

the glass is half empty
I've never seen it with different eyes
I think I have enough
but I still cannot stop
Track Name: Bonus Track: Twelve (live in Strasbourg)
love is lovely
but reality tells another story
our words are still the same
but we do speak in different languages
"I will never lie to myself again", I wrote once
- it was a lie as always

my words are painting things in grey
even the brightest colour seems to be colourless
some days ago, I drew a picture out of emotions
surrounded by arms that kept me breathing
pictures are fading, bombs are still ticking
and to be honest, these arms left me breathless
even though I never believed in gods and masters
I was building up a throne some days ago
I've built it as high as the highest mountain
so it was hard to reach it for anyone

I've always thought it's giving me a basement
to keep the progress going on
but I recognized that if I want to avoid a stagnation
I have to tear down this throne

but I won't say goodbye
cause I've never been welcome
and I won't close this chapter
did you read it? it's about us
for a long time we walked the same path
although there has never been a common direction
for sure I will keep walking this path
nevertheless which direction you'll choose
I won't say goodbye
cause goodbye means going away
and going away
means forgetting
Track Name: Bonus Track: Promise (live in Hamme)
at the end we are alone
now and then I have to learn
that everyone will turn
away someday
it's getting harder to light up my
dark heart inside
too much loss has overcome my life
and I want to trust and love
and shine
but the fear it keeps me trembling
so I
am scared to lose again
everything that I am
and I want to grow
without any fear
on the hopes that we planted in hearts my dear

so tell me one last time that nothing comes to an end
that there is something more than fighting
that there is something that we share

so dear love can we ever be sure
or is this life to be insecure
Track Name: Bonus Track: Forever ending stories (rehearsal room)
one more time with feelings
raise your hearts into the air
one more stranger that steals a part of you and disappears
no easy way, not ever

too fast again, just trying to hold on something I'm sure about
so much love to give and no one to deserve it

they don't change
all of them leaving the same way
my life is a mess
and so are you, I guess

please fuck my life for one more night
you don't need me tomorrow
I'll keep you in mind
trivial love at first sight
Track Name: Exclusive Track: Years passed by (Discovery)
broken bottles, deaf ears
friday nights, some memories disappear
finding glory in hopeless times
in the consume of the concert lights

in the spotlight of a nightsky
in the dreams of a drunken boy
the importance of a moment
and the feeling of family

every golden time has its end
there are so many ways, life means change
we can't stuck in a memory
but we can always remember what we had

life does its job
you've just realized we all grow up

good to know all of you
good to know we know each other
I'm glad we didn't keep it on surface
friendship is a worthy reason to live for

and all the memories
the shit we've done - embarrissing times
I'm glad we can still talk about it
times change, true friends stay

and years passed by